sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Pushing the limit + comic practise

 Here I focused on practising the human figure and the cross-hatching technique I´m planning to work in the remake of my comic"Sueños de papel". Below some frames of different parts of the story. Ink with nib pen and also black regular pen.

Ghost of Chanoyu

"The Japanese tea ceremony, or Cha-no-yu, meaning “hot water for tea”, is more than an elaborate ritual. It is an interlude in which one leads oneself for the moment to the spirit of beauty, quietude, and politeness toward others."
Made for a contest for a tea company
tools: watercolor tubes+ white acrylics+ color pencils

The passage

Tools: watercolour tubes + color pencils

Hidden Strength

Comission of an original character. Part of a charity project at DeviantArt (http://www.deviantart.com) Operation Reiki (http://operation-reiki.deviantart.com/) aims to gather funds to aid the people of Japan in light of the recent natural disasters. The painting was really challenging because of the amount of details and the size. I had never worked in something so big!
Tools: watercolour tubes, colour pencils and white acrylic for some details.
60 x 28 cm

"Sueños de papel" comic pages

"Sueños de papel" (Paper Dreams) , is a comic made for a national contest in December , 2010. Since its still to be remade, corrected and translated to English, I only chose to upload the strongest pages instead of the whole story (which is divided in three chapter of which the first is already made).
I hope you like it!
Tools: grey textured paper, graphite, ink, white pencil.

Storyboard samples

Storyboard in black and white as a sample of commercial work.
If you are interested in commission a storyboard for your project please e-mail to rominasantanaarte@gmail.com.
Drawings by Romina Santana
Based on the script "Gregorio Samsa" by Juan Manuel Foaldo and Matías Castro. (With the permission of my teacher, Tunda Prada)


Based on a class assignment were we had to resignify in a free illustration the elements of a dead nature we were doing before: it was a brick, a big vase made of a material like a clay and a rusty kettle. I associated nature and earth with masculinity and metal and rust with feminenity, so the picture is a sort of synthesis of both. There also is a little story behind the fish and the birds.Tools: graphite.

Lost In London

Another piece for the fashion vector illustrations series. This time I decided to practise a little with male fashion, since it is generally less taken into consideration than female. Before doing this, I investigated a little about what being a dandy meant in past centuries, so I wanted to make a modern version of it, but still keeping it elegant and pay a lot of attention to small details. 
tools: Illustrator


Magnolia is part of a series of experimental fashion illustrations that I will be creating these days. I have been waiting for a while to have spare time to do this project so I hope it turns out very productive. This illustration is also my first vector, so it was really hard for me to try to learn a new program from scratch. Luckily, the internet comunity is quite helpful and kind to answer my questions every now and then, so I can overcome when I get too stuck using the new tools

Well, regarding the illustration itself, I tried to be a little experimental and use large amount of plain colours, and at the same time a little texture on the yellow flowers , and be stronger in the details of the jewlry and the hair curls, while still trying to achieve a classical aesthethic.
tools: traditional tools for sketch, adobe illustrator cs5 and adobe photoshop (to adjust levels of texture).


Inspired by a beautiful quote I read in September 2010, about Eve`s punishement and her curse to childbirth forever.
tools: photoshop and tablet

Entre Sedas y plumas

This work was done for class , the subject was totally free, and I decided a combination of animals and humans, a subject which I have wanted to investigate for a while, and I hope to do a lot of illustration and material about it .
I want to take interest in animal anatomy and not only stick to the human figure , besides, I feel that the possibilities of species combination are endless, and results can be beautiful. If you have a chance, pleaso do look at a book of Gaby Herbestein "Birds of Paradise" which is a collection of amazing photography that combines nature with fashion.
Tools: pencil colours and soft pastels
The original looks much better, unfurtunately the scanner "broke" the colors quite a bit.

Please, don´t...

 An old experimental and emotional work for me. I tried to give that citylife feeling that I love so much, and that I feel specially when I travel to large metropolis. The watercolours helped with the expressive part, and I feel that I achived a lot of freedom I failed at other recent watercolors.
tools: watercolour tubes,and color pencils and white acrylic for details