miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Steampunk comic comission

First page

Pages two and three

"Sword, Sweat and Steam" is a three-page steampunk comic comission for Grayhaven´s Comics, written by Robert Mackenzie and David Walker and illustrated by me. This comic was REALLY challenging for me to draw, since it involved quite difficult page format to work with and I was undergoing some personal issues. But I tried my best, so I hope you enjoy it =)
Tools: Black pen, black markers, grey areas colored digitally.

Angeles meditando

This collage is part of a class assignment for university. I did it a couple of months ago, but I wasn´´t really sure if it was worth showing it in the blog. However, I have grown quite attached to it, so I decided to finally upload it. I had specially put attention to the color scheme and the concept.
Measurements: 45 x 57 cm
Collage out of magazine´s pictures.