sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011


Magnolia is part of a series of experimental fashion illustrations that I will be creating these days. I have been waiting for a while to have spare time to do this project so I hope it turns out very productive. This illustration is also my first vector, so it was really hard for me to try to learn a new program from scratch. Luckily, the internet comunity is quite helpful and kind to answer my questions every now and then, so I can overcome when I get too stuck using the new tools

Well, regarding the illustration itself, I tried to be a little experimental and use large amount of plain colours, and at the same time a little texture on the yellow flowers , and be stronger in the details of the jewlry and the hair curls, while still trying to achieve a classical aesthethic.
tools: traditional tools for sketch, adobe illustrator cs5 and adobe photoshop (to adjust levels of texture).

2 comentarios:

  1. Muy bueno los dibujos,lees orsai? yo soy suscriptora de mdeo y no conozco a nadie q lo sea! saludos

    1. Gracias! Leo algunos números desde los PDF y me encanta leer el blog de Orsai, y en general apoyo el proyecto. Pero por ahora no puedo costear la suscripción! Igual suscriptores de mdeo deben haber por ahi, ya los vas a encontrar!