domingo, 20 de abril de 2014


Continuing the series of illustrations, this time attempting to reach a middle-ground between something more graphic-designy and a proper digital painting. I worked very hard on the piece, specially to get the color pallete to be harmonious and the contrast relationships to be accurate. However, the file conversion from my photoshop file to a .PNG (JPEG´s quality was too bad, so it was quickly discarded) was a headache. I almost had to do 26 samples, before arriving to a decent result, and it has still lost a lot of the file quality and small gradients the original image had. Hopefully, this will not happen on the printing stage as well.
Regarding the concept, as you´ve probably noticed, I included  the lilies and the orchids again, since their meaning is quite opposite and appropiate to what I wanted to portray, alongside with the medieval simbolism of the unicorn.

Tools: black pen+photoshop+tablet

domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Comic Comission - You Shall Receive

Comic comission "You Shall Receive"
Written by Allison Garcia
Illustrated by Romina Santana
Executive Editor- Erica J. Heflin
for future publication  through Grayhaven Comics  =)

Tools: black pen + photoshop (editing) + illustrator (lettering)